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What’s At Stake

The 2016 Presidential Election will determine whether our nation moves forward building upon a hope and change agenda or moves backwards to a dark period of exclusion where the wealth gap continues to rise, the poverty rate increases, the middle class dissolves and voting rights are repressed for minorities, the elderly, immigrants and youth.

In 2016, there is much at stake when the nation will elect the 45th president, 435 members of the U. S. House of Representative, 34 U. S. Senators, 12 state governors and 88 of the 99 state legislative chambers; and 41 of the 100 largest cities and municipal governments.

Black America cannot afford to let any candidate take the Black vote for granted from local to national.  We have a rich history of voting which must be amplified in 2016 and beyond as if our lives depend on it....because they do.

The 2016 Election is her and we must unify, be ready and organized!

Our goal for the Unity '16 Campaign is simple---we want to be proactive in ensuring that the Black vote is not marginalized and is fully engaged in this important election.


National Coalition on Black Civic Participation
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